Financial Planning

How We Can Help

Clients choose the level of experience they desire. Some want more in-depth goal-oriented planning for education, retirement or various life events. Others want to focus on managing, growing and preserving their investment portfolio. 

Our financial planning module can track in real time your growth and cash flows.

It is a “view only” site and you can not log in to the attached accounts or make transactions.

There are no “pop up ads” or solicitations.  This is a private site, designed to allow the advisor to view some of the data in order to help the client but keep certain items private to the client such as the “Vault” and transaction data.

There are three modules that can be used together or separately.

Track and consolidate all financial balances.

Once the account is “attached” to this module it will automatically update every night. This could include accounts we do not manage.

    • Investment Accounts
    • 401K Accounts
    • Other Retirement Plans
    • Bank Accounts
    • Checking and Bank Accounts
    • Charge Accounts
    • Annuity Products
    • Mortgages and Debts
    • Manually add in Value of Property
    • Manually add other Investments

Knowing and monitoring what is happening in your accounts is good for security. Quickly scan balances for suspicious activity in one place.

Utilize the Data at your Fingertips


Using data to help you see where you stand and project future growth.

  • Track your progress in meeting goals.
  • Determine what adjustments you could make to reduce expenses and increase income.
  • Edit goals such as education, a wedding or retirement. Allocate savings toward those goals.
  • Add in projected pension and social security benefits or other retirement income streams to project income at retirement.
  • Review how long your current income will last while in retirement years.

Store important documents in one “Web Based Vault”

Upload and Store in PDF Format all important documents:

  • Insurance Policies
  • Deeds
  • Trust Documents
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Medical records and bills
  • Photos and locations of Valuables
  • Special Instructions to heirs
  • Ideal for a beneficiary
  • Executor of an estate.
  • If you live in Denver – Help your mom or Dad by easily monitoring their accounts in Connecticut!
  • Trade Private Correspondence with your Advisor or other interested party in a secure manner


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