About Asset Management Associates

Asset Management Associates is owned and operated by John R. Ruocco. It has been registered as a “Registered Investment Advisor” (RIA) with the State of Connecticut Department of Banking since January, 1990.

The primary service we provide is investment and portfolio management. We help a client develop and manage a well diversified portfolio that will meet current or future objectives.

We will also work with clients to help them solve problems and improve their overall financial situation. We do this by providing a dynamic web page where a client can view all of their investments, bank and credit accounts in one place. They could use this as a platform to plan for education, retirement or other goals. 

It is always important that a client work with a competent attorney, tax professional and other financial professionals. If it is necessary, with the permission of the client, we can work together with other professionals to help the client achieve the best results. Our mission is to serve the client, not the product. 

What Makes Us Different

In general, self-directed accounts are set up through a discount brokerage firm such as
Charles Schwab.

You maintain full control of the account and authorize us to make trades on the account for your benefit.

We are paid only by you and we receive no compensation from transactions or the investment companies used – this assures objective advice to you.



Asset Management Associates

P.O. Box 742

South Windsor, CT 06074