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About Us

I got into the investment business in the early 1980’s. I learned that it was a business filled with smoke and mirrors. The industry worked hard to justify the multiple layers of fees built into a very complex and costly sales system. I was not comfortable with that sales dynamic that made my advice to buy or sell tainted by the fact that I was at the same time churning a commission. 

In 1985, I set out to offer a very straightforward low cost portfolio management service. I wanted to sit on the same side of the table as the client and do a job that many people do not have the time or inclination to do themselves. I was way ahead of my time. 


Personal Service

A lot of advisors have you fill out a form and drop you into the box based on the profile the form reveals. We do not use boiler plate programs.

Each client is unique and we handle their investments in a way that will meet their own personal preferences and goals. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is certain.

It is our job to know the clients financial and psychological makeup and to work with them as their views and goals change and also as the world changes over time.

When using our web based financial planning portal a client can view their situation in real time and have the ability to easily adjust their goals as their lives change.


Portfolio Management

Our primary business is to build and manage a diverse portfolio for each of our clients. We use a combination of no load mutual funds, Exchange Traded Index Funds (ETF’s) along with individual stocks and bonds. The exact makeup of the portfolio is based on the client risk preference and objectives and if they are looking for income, growth or a combination of both. Positions are constantly monitored and adjusted when needed. Fees are well below average.

Clients come from a variety of sources. Many have 401k or corporate pensions that can be easily rolled over to an IRA account. We also work with small business pension plans such as SEP IRA’s, Simple IRA’s and Sole 401K accounts. For high earning sole practitioners, we could help set up a defined benefit plan where contributions and tax deductions could exceed $100,000 per year!

Most of our clients have a general distrust of the mainstream sales and brokerage industry and find this straightforward approach to be very refreshing.

Financial Planning

We use a very robust web based financial planning “portal” where clients can view all of their investments, savings accounts and debts. Virtually any account can be linked into this site so that most everything viewed is “live” or automatically updated. Being able to view all of your financial information and know where you stand is very enlightening.

The information can also be used to plan for education, retirement, debt reduction, estate planning etc. Meetings can be held via computer link so the client does not have to leave their home or go elsewhere for a personal meeting. There is also an on line “vault” where copies of important documents such as wills, powers of attorney, policies or other important documents can be stored and made easily accessible if you or a loved one that may need access for quick reference or an emergency.

This program can be used on many levels and how it is utilized would depend on the client.

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Who We Serve


Many of our clients are individual or joint accounts. This includes IRA’s, Roth IRA’s and any other personal asset.

Many of our clients come in with funds from an estate, a divorce or simply a relationship with another advisor they are not happy with.

We could usually transfer these funds without the client having to get personally involved.

Small Businesses

Small business people are eligible for a number of retirement plans via Simple IRA’s, SEP IRA’s Sole 401k plans which are great for the sole practitioner and also Defined Benefit Plans for the sole practitioner.

It is amazing how much money can be stashed into these plans under the right conditions. It is a great way for a small business to save taxes and save money and through us the employer may be saving significant costs.


Many organizations have a finance committee with members that manage the investments. It is common for this to be a difficult process.

The Finance Committee should outline the “Policy Statement” that would determine the general guidelines as to how the money should be invested.

As a hired investment advisor, we report to the board and work within their guidelines. This makes it easier for all involved – when a decision needs to be made quickly, we can handle it.

Primary Custodian

Charles Schwab provides “Custodial Services” to Registered Investment Advisors. This means that the client opens the account with Schwab and designates an outside advisor to trade on the account much like an in house broker would be able to do so. The account is in the clients name and they get statements and transaction confirmations directly from the custodian. As an outside advisor we have a platform where we have access to all of our accounts and with that we can manage them appropriately and download their transaction information to our own proprietary software.


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